Export to Markdown for Confluence Cloud Documentation

Getting started

Export to Markdown for Confluence Cloud allows you to easily export your Confluence pages and blog posts to Markdown.

Support is available for both exporting individual pages and blog posts to Markdown, or exporting an entire space of content to Markdown (in a ZIP file).

Exporting a single page

To export a single page or blog posts to Markdown, click on the three dots in the top-right of the page or blog post.

Viewing a page with actions menu

Then select "Export to Markdown" and you'll be shown a modal dialog.

From the "Options" menu in the modal dialog, you can configure the following options:

  • Include comments

    Enabling this option will include user comments in the exported Markdown

  • Use HTML when required

    Enabling this option will include HTML in the generated output for content that can't be represented in Markdown (such as underline, superscript and subscript)

Viewing the modal dialog with options open

Once you're happy with the Markdown preview in the modal, you can then download result, or copy it to your clipboard.

Exporting all content in a space

To export a whole space to Markdown:

  1. When viewing the space that you'd like to export, go to "Space settings"
  2. Under "Integrations" select "Export to Markdown"
  3. Select your desired export options and select "Export"
Exporting a whole space to Markdown

Once the export process has completed, you can download the resulting ZIP file.