Add to Board for Jira Cloud Documentation

Getting started

Add to Board for Jira allows you to easily add issues to your Jira board right from the board view. This solves a common pain-point that Jira users experience when wanting to add issues to the current board that they're viewing.

To get started, open a board and click either:

  • " Add issue to board" for team-managed projects
  • "Add to board" and then "Add issue" for company-managed projects
Displaying Jira board with Add to board button

Then, search for issues by their issue key or summary. You'll be presented with a list of issues in the backlog that match the given search term. For example:

Add to board dialog with search terms

To then add one of these issues to the board, click on the issue (or press enter after highlighting it with your up/down arrow keys)

After reloading the board, the newly-added issue will now be moved from the backlog to the board:

Board showing with new issue

Parallel sprints

If your team is using parallel sprints, you will see an option too choose which sprint the issue should be added to:

Add to board dialog with parallel sprint selector dropdown

It defaults to the first active sprint, but can be changed by clicking on this dropdown and selecting the desired sprint:

Add to board dialog with parallel sprint selector dropdown open
After then searching for and clicking on an issue, it will be added to the selected sprint.